Month: May 2012

Frame Your World

If you have received Jesus Christ as your savior and made Him the Lord of your life, you have begun a marvelous journey.  The path you are on will lead you to some amazing destinations along the way and will ultimately lead you to the greatest of all finish lines.  In fact, your life of faith is going to be much like building a house.  Making the decision to put Jesus first is like the initial decision to build the house and choosing to build your life on the Word of God is like putting the most solid foundation on Earth under your life’s structure.  Of course, most people really look forward to picking out the paint colors and putting the finishing touches on their house of faith, but many folks leave out one of the most important steps in their spiritual walk.

Respond in Faith

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sit down today and plan out the next 10, 20, or even 30 years or more of your life?  Think about it for a moment.  It would be so easy if you could just know where you were going to live, which church you would be plugged into, what your job would be, how much money you would earn, or even how many children, grandchildren, and even cats and dogs you would have.  In actuality, it really isn’t that cut and dry, is it?  Life can throw us many curveballs, and when we are faced with those surprises, we need to sometimes make important decisions.

You Can Be Sure of It

What is faith?  Have you ever sat down and analyzed your mental picture of faith?  Have you examined not only what you think of faith, but more importantly, how you have grasped a hold of it in your spirit?  Most people seem to travel through life, never understanding what faith is.  Maybe they are under the assumption that if they just think about their problem long enough, their faith can will it to go away.  That is a mind-over-matter teaching that really has little, if anything, to do with faith.  Maybe they think that their faith is defined by what they do for their local church.  The fact is that faith is not the power of positive thinking, nor is it defined by what you do.  Faith is way deeper, and yet much simpler than that.

Your Victory Hangs in the Balance

Balance is a big key to a healthy lifestyle.  Lately, it seems like experts in every field of study will offer some variation of that advice.  You can ask any nutritionist and they’ll tell you that you need to consume the proper balance of fats, proteins, grains, dairy, and carbohydrates to function at your best.  A physical trainer will tell you that you need to maintain a proper balance of strength and cardiovascular training to optimize your body’s fullest potential.  It doesn’t stop there, though.  The financial advice this world has to offer encourages you to balance your risk around your short-term and long-term goals, our governmental bodies pass laws that promote balance by providing individual equality while maintaining a sense of order for everyone, and the list goes on.  All work and no play makes… well… I’ll let you finish that sentence.

Live Out Your Responsibility

Responsibility is a word that brings many images to mind.  In some instances, it can describe a character trait that is synonymous with dependability.  At one time or another, we all would like to hear one of our teachers or our boss describe us as showing a lot of responsibility.  Most of the time in our society, however, that word is a noun used to describe some sort of task or duty.  All of our lives, we hear that we have been given responsibilities.  When you were three years old, you may have heard, “You’re an older sister now, Suzie, and you have more responsibilities.”  What did your mom mean by that?  Well, she probably meant that you can’t throw your toys around the baby, you’ll need to be quieter now so the baby can sleep, you’ll need to help feed the baby, or maybe even change diapers!  Whatever it was, it probably revolved around the things you would have to DO in order to be a better big sister.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Who do you think you are?  That is a question you have probably heard at one time or another in your life.  Maybe you set out to do something that you had never attempted before and your mom or dad hit you with it.  Perhaps you ignored your baseball coach’s sign for you to bunt, and instead swung for the fences, striking out in the process.  If so, you may have heard him ask “Who do you think you are… Babe Ruth”?  Most of the time, that question has a negative connotation to it.  Often, it implies that you have no business holding to that type of self-worth or setting such lofty expectations for your life.  None of that matters, though, because today that question is going to take on a whole new meaning.