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Live Out Your Responsibility

Responsibility is a word that brings many images to mind.  In some instances, it can describe a character trait that is synonymous with dependability.  At one time or another, we all would like to hear one of our teachers or our boss describe us as showing a lot of responsibility.  Most of the time in our society, however, that word is a noun used to describe some sort of task or duty.  All of our lives, we hear that we have been given responsibilities.  When you were three years old, you may have heard, “You’re an older sister now, Suzie, and you have more responsibilities.”  What did your mom mean by that?  Well, she probably meant that you can’t throw your toys around the baby, you’ll need to be quieter now so the baby can sleep, you’ll need to help feed the baby, or maybe even change diapers!  Whatever it was, it probably revolved around the things you would have to DO in order to be a better big sister.