Category: Righteousness

Get Right or Get Left

I often chuckle when I think of some of the phrases that the church world has produced over the years.  You have all seen them.  They are on T-shirts, lapel pins, ink pens, notebooks, hats, billboards, those signs outside of churches, and even the infamous bumper stickers.  Now, I’m not making fun here, but let’s be honest, some of those bumper stickers have not exactly portrayed the believer as an appealing, thoughtful person.  But even though many of those bumper stickers are just plain corny, there are many good ones out there.  Some are simple and to the point like “Got Jesus?”.  Some are very ironic like “Don’t be a bumper sticker Christian”.  Others are just kind of funny like “Are you following JESUS this close?” or one of my favorites, “Honk if you love Jesus! (Text while driving if you want to meet Him)”.