Grace In Action

Choose To Receive

Before I began attending Faith Building Church, I lived life in my own strength, which never saw me through.  I lived life according to my expectations of myself, according to what I thought God expected of me, according to others’ expectations, and according to what I thought others’ expectations of me were, whether it was so, or not.  After almost 6 years of sitting under the ministry of Pastor Anthony Wade, I now know and live life in the strength and power of my Lord Jesus.  Here are just some of the truths I have learned at FBC. I can choose to receive the truths that are taught in this church about the Word of God.…or not.  It’s my decision. But if I really want those truths to change my life, I choose to receive! I learn much by watching my pastor and his wife and my pastor’s mother and father “walk the walk”, which I see them do consistently day after day. Watching them, I learn how to celebrate people, how to honor people, how to love people, how to encourage people. I have discovered what it means to be the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians… Read more »

Colleen B.
Martinsville, OH
I Found My True Place

I remember growing up in a church where almost everyone there was somehow related to me.  It was more like a great big reunion every Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday (Youth meeting).  These are precious memories for me.  I have always remembered this and found myself searching for that same experience of relationship. When I came to Faith Building Church, I was on a journey.  I had been searching for significance for a long time.  John Osteen wrote a book called ‘A Place Called There’ and that’s what I was looking and longing for.  I had been a “God Chaser” going here and there looking for “a place called there” for a long time. I went to ministry school in Canada, North Carolina, Oklahoma and in Florida, searching for “a place called there”.  Where was this place and why did my heart keep longing for it? As I began to listen to Pastor Anthony minister about the Kingdom of God, growing up into love, stewardship, enjoying the journey, free born, living in the unseen, the faithfulness of God, declaring no condemnation, the seed in me, the force of peace, you are well able, the goodness of God, live out your purpose,… Read more »

Barb H.
Lebanon, OH
Healed of Depression and Anxiety!

Faith Building Church has impacted my life so much.  When I started here I dealt a lot with depression and fear and anxiety.  I had trouble driving, trouble thinking straight and trouble with my relationships because of the depression and anxiety.  It was terrible.  But ever since I started here, sitting under the Word and hearing the Gospel of Jesus taught every Sunday, I’ve been healed of depression, anxiety free and stress free and the Word has changed my life!  I’m getting married soon and having a better understanding of who I am and what Jesus did for me helps me know even more how to be a better future husband to my future wife, Karla.  Thank you Jesus and praise God for a church and pastor that teaches the Word unadulterated!  Plain and simple, Jesus loves you and you are complete in Him!

Luke B.
South Lebanon, OH
The Love Here Is Real

I grew up in church.  Our family seemed to never miss a Sunday or holiday when I was a young boy.  I remember giving my heart to the lord when I was ten years old.  Walking to the front of a local church, very nervously.  Many years later, I found myself in a not so good place, doing not so good things.  I met a young lady who loved me as I was, and things seemed to be better, but I was longing for something.  I just never could fill the void I had inside.  My troublesome past always seemed to catch up to me.  I took a job traveling the country to escape my world of problems. She and I married and had our first daughter.  We wanted to give our daughter a better life, but we really didn’t know how.  Five years ago my mother began telling me of a church she was attending.  She seemed different, so my wife and I attended one Sunday.  It was a small church at the Opry House here in Lebanon and there was only about thirty or so people there.  I realized very quickly I knew the Pastor Anthony.  We are… Read more »

Matt S.
Lebanon Ohio
People WANT to Be Here

I have been a Christian since I was very young and was blessed to grow up in a Christian home with parents who loved God.  My Dad was the Pastor of a small, very legalistic, denominational church and I attended church every time the doors were open along with attending our Christian School.  “Church” was the only life I knew.  I was genuine in my personal decision to accept Christ and had the assurance that if I died I would go to heaven, but during that time I had no idea what it meant to truly have a very real, personal relationship with my Heavenly Father.  I didn’t realize it, but I was coasting on the coat tails of my parent’s faith. As many “PK’s” do, I made some very poor choices through my teen years and hurt a lot of people and I’m so very thankful for God’s forgiveness and grace!  After moving away from home, I would occasionally attend another legalistic church but it was much more out of a feeling of obligation than a desire for an intimate relationship with Jesus.  Once our sweet baby girl was born, we decided to make our ‘faith’ more of a… Read more »

Jennifer H.
Lebanon, OH
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