COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

At Faith Building Church, we understand the importance of assembling together as the Body of Christ.  In doing so, we want to honor our Heavenly Father while also honoring those in authority over us at the federal and state levels.  Along those lines and in accordance with proper standards in place for this phase of social distancing, here is how FBC will operate until further notice:

From Your Pastor's Heart

"I know this is different and even a bit strange.  As I write this, it is difficult to think about going to church and not being able to hug someone or interact with our church family in the same way we have been used to for years.  As we go through this time, it is important to remember that this is not going to last forever!  In fact, I believe with my whole heart that it won't last as long as some are predicting.  In the mean time, let's remember that the most important thing is to walk in faith and keep thanking our Heavenly Father for everything He has brought us through thus far.  Together, our best is yet to come!"

--- Pastor Anthony

Service Times

Right now, we are meeting every Sunday morning at 10:00.

We have also begun to meet on the second and fourth Wednesday evenings at 7:00 at the church.

At all of these gathering times, we have activities for our children in the nursery and also kids church for ages 4 through 6th grade.  On Wednesday evenings, we also have youth for our junior high and high school students.


During this time, we ask that you are respectful of other people's personal space.  Please refrain from hugging and shaking hands unless there is a mutual comfort in doing so.  We know this is difficult, but to some folks, a wave and a smile will mean just as much!


We have plenty of seating available to be able to sit as close or distanced as you would like from the next family.  When you arrive, your usher will make sure you or your family has the perfect number of seats to meet your needs.  We will space out the next family accordingly.

Safety & Masks

For your safety and for the safety of others in our church family, please stay home if your temperature is elevated or if you feel ill in any way.  We know this is common sense, but want to reiterate it especially during the next few weeks.

Also, when you arrive, our welcome team and ushers will make you feel at peace and help you to your seats.  You do not need to wear a mask to attend but you are certainly welcome to.


Each week, we will have all of the hard surfaces sanitized on top of our regular weekly cleaning.  This will be done by one of our partners (members) who owns a business that is certified to sanitize such spaces.  All surfaces that will be touched will receive treatment and, most likely, our sanctuary chairs will be steamed to properly sanitize.  You can rest assured when you arrive that the building is clean and sanitized.  Finally, we have set up several hand-sanitizing stations around the building for your convenience.  Let's spread the Gospel, not the germs!


Newborn through toddlers... We will have the nursery open for your newborn through toddler.  All plush or small toys have been removed from the nursery.  Only a select few things are left in there so that there are some things for your child to utilize.  They are all bigger and/or hard plastic toys that will be sprayed and wiped down with sanitizer after each service.

Preschool through 6th Grade... This age group is with Pastor Jennifer.  After worship in the main sanctuary with their families, these children will be dismissed to have their lesson and craft time in our kids' ministry wing.


Our cafe and common gathering areas will be closed until further notice.  If you have any questions while you are with us, please find someone on our welcome team with a Faith Building Church lanyard and let us serve you!


If you have financial seed you want to sow in person by cash or check, we will have a container for you to utilize.

As always , you can utilize one of our electronic methods of giving.  Information for that can be found by clicking here.

Not Quite Ready?

We do not want anybody to come to church before they have the peace to do so.  If you come, then come in faith knowing that your Heavenly Father is your source of health.  If you choose to stay home, then choose to stay home in faith knowing that your Heavenly Father is your source of health.  The bottom line is that we don't want anyone to feel pressure or any condemnation, whatsoever, no matter what your choice is on when to return to in-person gatherings.

If the time isn't right for you to come back now, please know that you will be able to watch our service each Sunday morning via livestream.  You can participate a couple of different ways.  You can click here to watch on our YouTube channel.  Or, you can click here to watch on our website.

Lastly, we know that it may be difficult to come with small children during this time.  If you are not ready to have your children visit our nursery, please stay home and enjoy participating via livestream.

Latest Sermon

Kingdom vs. Mammon - Part 2

Sunday, Feb 14, 2021

Series: Kingdom vs. Mammon

Every single day of our lives, we have the choice to operate in one of two systems.  These systems are both at work in this world and, to the unlearned believer, seem to produce similar results.  In the "Sermon on the Mount", Jesus said that no man can serve two masters.  He said that you will either love the one and hate the other or you would cling to the one and despise the other.  Either way, you absolutely cannot serve both God and mammon.  One system thrives in selfishness and produces results that are derived from our care, fear, and worry, and are always subject to change.  The other system produces results that moths can't eat, rust can't destroy, and thieves can't break through and steal.  It is a system that is based in Kingdom provision.  Watch as Pastor Anthony takes us on a journey to find out how to live in that Kingdom system and you will see that, when we seek that system first, all the other things are added to us!

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