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Choose to Be Joyful

Joy is such a huge component of living an overcoming life in Christ Jesus, yet so many believers don’t understand even what it is.  You may have heard that “the joy of the Lord is your strength”, but do you really know how that can be so?  You see, joy is not the same thing as happiness.  Happiness is an emotion that is determined by our surroundings, while joy is a spiritual force that comes from our inner man.  You can say it this way: happiness comes from the outside-in, but joy comes from the inside-out.  It is a fruit of our reborn spirit.  Watch today as Pastor Anthony shares some vital truths about this force and how we can appropriate it in our lives.  Situations and circumstances will change happiness in your life, but joy will change your situations and circumstances!  Learn how to stand on this truth, by faith, and operate in joy every day.  You, too, can make the choice to be joyful and, when you do, your life will never be the same again!

Speaker: Anthony Wade

May 9, 2021
Anthony Wade

Lead Pastor

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